Best Our Guest – Disney World

Yes, it is true. I offer consultation services for Disney World planning – absolutely FREE! You can receive free guidance and advice for planning your Disney World vacation.

Let me do the research for you, let me recommend what suits your needs the most – let me make your magic.

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Completely Unique Planning

My time spent living and working at Disney World has provided me with an unparalleled insider’s perspective.

Every single piece of planning will be completely tailored to your unique interests and desired experiences. Scared of thrill rides? I can help you with that. Have a child that is a huge Toy Story fan? I have suggestions for that. Tailoring my services to YOU will make everything even more magical.

Ongoing Disney Research

A lot of Disney World tips are planned 6-8 months in advance. Even more than that, Disney World is constantly changing.

Having me in your back pocket gives you peace of mind that someone is keeping up to date with changes and can adjust your plan if necessary.

Budget Minded Planning

It’s no secret that a trip to Disney world can burn a hole in your pocket. But there are so many ways to reduce your costs as much as possible. I am a firm believer that Disney World is worth every penny you spend – but you can also spend those pennies wisely.

While helping you plan your trip to Disney World, I’ll provide you with tons of ways to save money.

It’s all in the details.

On this page, you’ll find all the details to help you understand what you’ll be getting during your Disney World planning.

Planning Timeline:

Not only do I help you plan your trip, but I am available for you during your trip as well. If you encounter any issues during your trip while at Disney World, you are always free to contact me for assistance.

Service Type(s):

By Request: If you select this service type, you have a general sense of how you want your trip to go. You like to plan your trip, but you just want someone to consult when you need some advice. My services would be provided as you need them.

Hands-On: This is the perfect option for a busy body. Are you far too busy to do all the research required to properly plan your own trip? Do you get easily overwhelmed, and need someone to be a little more involved in the planning process to alleviate any pressure? This option is for you.

Communication Type(s):

I am available by e-mail or over the phone. If you would like to contact me by phone, however, please make sure to e-mail me to schedule a phone call.

Offered Disney World Recommendations:

General Scheduling: This involves scheduling what parks you’ll attend and when, as well as your Fastpasses.

Detailed Scheduling: This includes everything in General Scheduling, as well as Dining Reservations and other attractions you’ll attend throughout the day.

Resort Selection: Based on your unique needs, I will help you decide which Disney World resort is best for (if you’re staying on property).

Fastpass Selections: I recommend which Fastpasses would best suit your needs at each park. I will also provide detailed information and instruction on navigating the Fastpass system.

Dining Selections: I will provide what Disney World Restaurants I recommend most while interpreting what best suits your needs. Detailed information surrounding Disney dining will also be provided (e.g., types of dining, mobile orders, etc.)

My Disney Experience: One of the most important tools you’ll use throughout your vacation is the My Disney Experience App. To new users, it can be a bit difficult to navigate. I’ll help make sure that you’re an expert by the time you arrive.

Other amenities and experiences: Want to spend a day at Disney Springs? Thinking of visiting Universal Studios Orlando? I can also help you navigate those waters.


Detailed Itinerary Document: All of the details you need for your trip will be provided to you in PDF, Word, or OneNote. Should you require another format, please let me know. This includes your park choices, resort reservation details, dining reservations, Fastpasses, other attractions you’ve scheduled (e.g., shows and rides), and directions (should they be needed).

Disney World Planning