Customized Vacation Planning

Disney & Universal Studios Destinations

We provide customized travel services for Disney and Universal Studios destinations. Utilize an expert to help get the most out of your planning and create your dream vacation.

Where Magic

and Dreams

Are our priority.

At I’ll Make Your Magic, we genuinely believe that every guest traveling to a dream destination should be set up for success. We want our guests to leave their trip with memories that will last a lifetime. Will every trip be perfect? No. But perfection isn’t magic. The magic is what you make of it.

What can you expect from us?

What can you expect from your plan?

Planning Features

Resort Selection

We'll help you pick the perfect resort, make your reservation, handle any special requests, and link it to your app.

Fastpass+ Booking

Allow us to help you select the perfect Fastpassess for your desires. And if you want, sleep in! We'll book them each morning.

Advanced Dining

Don't skip the food! We can help you select the best dining locations based on your budget and daily plan.

On-trip Assistance

Did your Fastpass magically disappear? Do you need to reschedule dining? We're available throughout your trip.

Daily Planning

Daily Planning is great for those who need to get the most of their trip. We can help suggest other attractions for you!

My Disney Experience

The My Disney Experience App is essential for your trip. We can get you started, and link everything for you.

Vacation Itinerary

After all is said in done, we want you informed! You'll be provided with itinerary of your overall schedule.

Ongoing Research

New discounts often become readily available. Look to us to keep up to date and adjust your trip as needed.


At the moment all of our planning services are COMPLETELY FREE! We really want to take this time to build relationships with our guests. So - you're probably thinking: "then how do you get paid?" When you book your trip through I'll Make Your Magic, the company you're booking with pays us a commission. For example, if we book you a trip to Disney World, Disney pays us a commission. This does not increase your costs in any way!

Great question! I am certified by the travel board in my area (Travel Industry Council of Ontario - TICO) to sell travel services. I have completed training with my host agency, and have completed Disney's College of Knowledge travel agent training program. I also worked for Disney World in 2018 and have been helping guests plan their Disney and Universal Studios trips ever since!

Well - I lived there! I worked at Disney World for 3 months in 2018 and have taken multiple trips outside of that time. That being said, given that I went to the parks multiple times per week for 3 months, I honestly couldn't count how many times I've been there! You're in good hands.

I'm sure every Disney travel agent you go to will rave about all the trips they've been on and how much they LOVE Disney. And for a lot of them, I'm sure that's true! So let me get to the what makes me different - I LOVE planning. Not only does Disney quite literally come out of my door, not only did I work at Disney World for three months, and yes I HAVE taken multiple trips there - but I thrive off of planning and productivity. You'll get all the magic, all the passion and enthusiasm, and all the organization that needs to come with planning vacations to Disney and Universal Studios destinations.

I totally get it! There's nothing more satisfying then being able to book your Disney vacation yourself. Our level of involvement is completely up to you and will be discussed on our initial "Get to Know" You call. Some guests only contact us as needed, and some have us plan everything for them and only contact THEM as needed. The choice is yours!

Discounts are readily available for Disney and Universal Studios destinations throughout most of the year. As your travel agent, it's my job to stay up to date on all discounts available. It's also my job to do what I can to make sure you save your money and get the best bang for your buck! I've got you covered.