Disney Packing List 2020 – Packing for Disney World

Disney World Packing
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Everything you’ll ever need…

Well…everything that fits on one page! When it comes to Disney Planning, you really don’t want to miss the mark. That being said, you also definitely don’t want to forget anything – this is where your Disney World Packing List comes into play.

Download the free Disney packing list

I’d like to say that I’ve provided everything you MIGHT need on your trip, but if we’re being honest, that list could go on forever.

I don’t want to give you something that’s pages and pages in length. It needs to all fit on one page, and that’s what I’ve done here.

Please note that some of these links (but not all) are affiliate links and I will receive a piece of commission from your purchase. This does not increase the price of the item, and I would never provide a link to something I don’t genuinely recommend!

This List Can be a Guide

There are two ways you can go about using this list:

  1. Use it as your primary Disney packing list.
  2. Use it as a guide for creating your own Disney packing list.

Why do I provide more than one option? Because this is a very, very long list. And I understand that not everyone would bring this much stuff.

Heck, I wouldn’t bring this much stuff!

But for those of you who are going to Disney for the first time or for those who want a guide for their next trip, this list is for you.

The ULTIMATE Disney World Packing List

This is a one-page packing list including everything you might ACTUALLY need on your trip.

No nonsense, only realistic packing items.

Because, for an ultimate Disney World packing list to be truly ultimate, it also needs to be user friendly.

IMYM Ultimate Disney Packing List


Disney Packing List Items

Now, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are a few odd items. I’m sure you’ve also noticed that some items are in weird categories.

Let me explain.

Main Clothing

1. Compression Shorts or Biker Shorts

Chafing is real. It is painful, it is rude, and it can ruin your Disney trip.

If you don’t have a thigh gap (most of us) and your thighs can be prone to rubbing, make sure you wear compression or biker shorts under your skirts and dresses. They even have anti-chafing shorts designed for specifically this reason!

This will prevent your thighs from rubbing. This will save your life.

I’m being dramatic but if you’ve ever chafed, gotten a rash, AND had to walk all day then you know where I’m coming from!

2. Park Pants vs. Night Out Pants

For the love of all that is holy, do not wear jeans on a full park day. I cannot stress this enough. You will regret it!

However, I personally will bring one pair of jeans that I can dress up for a dinner or even a breakfast. But only if I know I can change before going into the park!

3. Jumpsuits or Rompers

When I went on my last trip to Disney World I packed everything in a carry-on. How did I do that, you may ask? Rompers.

Rompers pack small, and they’re basically an entire outfit on their own. Highly recommend utilizing these if you’re tight on space.

Seasonal Clothing

Believe or not, it can get a little chilly in Florida!

Now I’m a Canadian, and I’ve have suffered some tough winters. That being said, winter in Florida really isn’t winter to me. But it can get a bit chilly, and you’ll want to be prepared for that.

If you’re going to Disney World in Florida’s winter season, you’ll want to bring:

4. A Scarf

5. A Cardigan

6. A Sweater/Hoodie

The scarf can be used as a blanket, the cardigan can be a bit lighter, and the hoodie or sweatshirt can keep you pretty warm if you need it.


I’m a firm believer in making sure whatever footwear you bring is a) broken in and b) comfortable enough for hours of walking.

7. Walking Shoes vs. Walking Sandals

You’ll notice I put “preferred” beside walking sandals.

The reason for this? Rain. Lots and lots of rain. It’s more like a downpour, really.

It rains a lot in Florida, especially in the summer months. Walking around with wet socks and shoes can be very uncomfortable and eventually lead to blisters.

I have been that person in the bathroom for 20+ minutes trying to dry their socks and shoes with the hand dryer. This is why I recommend sandals!

Rain Gear

This is very, very important. Even if your trip doesn’t call for rain I HIGHLY recommend you pack rain gear with you.

If it says it won’t rain, Florida may decide to spit it out anyway. I can’t even tell you how many times this happened to me.

This is especially important if you’re trying to save money. Disney charges a pretty penny for their ponchos and umbrellas. They all get whipped out when the rain starts, and the people who didn’t prepare are stuck coughing up their cash.

8. Poncho vs. Rain Coat

I personally prefer to use a poncho because of how compact it can be. I use the poncho for light rain and add the travel umbrella for the downpours.

This pack of ponchos is great for the whole group.

Pro Tip: the poncho is also great to protect your bag during water rides! I’m lookin’ at you Splash Mountain.
IMYM Planning Services

9. Flip Flops

I know what you’re thinking – Olivia, why are flip flops in the Rain Gear section and not the footwear section?

Because I would never recommend that you use flip flops to walk miles. And you will be walking for miles!

This is for my friends who prefer to use walking shoes in the park instead of walking sandals. Pop some flip flops in your park bag, and you have an emergency change of footwear should your feet get soaked.

I have also done this many times. Can you tell I’m scarred?

Sun Gear

10. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Make sure you bring SPF for you and your kiddos.

I’m biracial and I don’t burn very easily. I’ve gotten a sunburn from just walking around the park. The sun in Florida does not play around!

11. Sunglasses and Cases

A sunglass strap is good for people who find themselves dropping their sunglasses a lot.

If you have expensive sunglasses, I recommend bringing a foldable sunglasses case. This will stay compact when not in use, but will also protect your accessory when you’re going on a ride or sitting down to eat. These are a staple in my park bag.

12. Aloe Vera

Just in case you burn!


All of these items are pretty self explanatory.

13. A watch

This can be very handy if your phone is low battery.

14. Jewelry

I bring minimal jewelry. I also only use a purse for Disney Springs or nights out – I use my park bag for the parks.


For every electronic you bring, make sure you bring the charger!

15. Portable Charger

I highly recommend bringing a portable charger for when you’re in the park. This will save your phone battery and your groups’ as well! Here is my favorite.


While Disney sells a lot of toiletries, you’ll save a lot of money if you bring it yourself. And a lot of them don’t take up much space!

16. Deodorant

I recommend finding a travel size deodorant as well. If you’re the kind of person who spends all day in the park, it’ll be nice to freshen up!

17. Nail Care

This will vary person to person. I have several friends who like painting their nails to wind-down, or like changing their colour half-way through a trip.

Baby and Kids Items

For everyone to have fun, everyone needs to be happy.

I’ve provided a list of items recommended for parents with babies or little kiddos!

18. Stroller

You can either rent a stroller or bring one yourself. This will depend on your mode of transportation, as well as your budget.

19. Baby Utensils

These will be extremely useful when it comes time to eat, especially if you’ve brought your own food! A travel-friendly kit would be even better.

20. Floaties and Goggles

If you plan on having a resort day or a water park day, then these are a must. You’ll save a lot of money bringing them yourself!

21. Car seat

You only need this if you’re renting a car.

Most parents hold their children on Disney Transportation (bus, boat, Monorail, Skyliner). However, if you decide to use a Minivan, they have car seats available for you! No need to bring your own.


This will also vary from person to person. However, there are a few things I or the people in my group have found themselves needing.

22. Gravol

This is a must if you have issues with motion sickness.

23. Midol

You don’t want to be suffering from menstrual pain when you have to walk all day.

24. Moleskin

A must if you haven’t had time to break in your shoes or are prone to blisters.

Pro tip: Every park has a first-aid location. If you have blisters causing severe pain, they will give you band-aids and even moleskin for free! It was a lifesaver.

25. Throat Lozenges

Great if you’ve spent a long day yelling of Disney excitement. Try to get some with more natural ingredients, otherwise, you’ll end up drying up your throat even more! Here are my favourites.

26. Melatonin/Sleep-Aid

Great if you have trouble sleeping or are dealing with jetlag. You want to be well-rested for the next day!

27. Pepto Bismol/Imodium

Digestion issues can be caused by so many things, including the heat! When one member of my group got heat exhaustion these helped a lot.

28. Children’s Medication

Make sure you also have medication that’s safe for your kiddos.


For the Parks

Ahhhh this is my favourite part! There’s nothing like packing your suitcase full of Disney stuff.

29. Park Bag/Fanny Pack

If you’re the kind of person who just wants to bring their phone and their wallet, then a Fanny Pack or small crossbody is for you. Here are some great themed ones just for Disney!

However, if you’re going to be taking all of my recommendations and filling your park bag with the necessities, then I recommend a backpack.

Disney Packing List: Loungefly Mini Backpack

Loungefly is definitely my favourite company for Disney Park Bags. Their mini backpacks are the perfect size for holding what you need without weighing you down! I’ve placed a picture of my park bag above.

30. Magicbands/Park Tickets

Magicbands come free with a resort reservation.

If you’re staying off property, I recommend going to Disney Springs on your first day to pick some up! They’re super useful and will last a lifetime.

Don’t forget that if you live in the US you can get your Magicbands sent to you! If you don’t, you’ll be picking them up at Resort check-in.

31. Cardholder

I don’t bring my entire wallet into the parks – it takes up too much space.

Instead, I recommend bringing a small cardholder that fits snuggly in your bag. I got my mine from the Japan pavilion in Epcot!

32. Reusable Water bottle

Water is VERY expensive in Disney World.

You can get water for free by asking any Quick Service Food and Beverage Cast (QSFB) Cast Member at the counter. There are also water stations scattered throughout the parks, but that water isn’t always cold.

33. Non-melting Snacks

I’m sorry, but anything with chocolate has got to go!

34. Ziploc Bags

These are perfect if you have wet items to keep separate or to hold your electronics in before a water ride.

This is also great for some types of food.

35. Collapsible Container

If you have kiddos that don’t finish their food, or if you see something you really want but can’t eat right away, this container can be a better alternative to Ziploc bags.

36. Foldable Picnic Blanket

Great for sitting down to eat or saving a spot for the parade/fireworks.

37. Mister Fan and Cooling Towels

My family doesn’t do well in the heat. Not surprising for Canadians, eh?

These items can really make a difference if you’re heading to Florida in the summer months.

Specifically, my family SWEARS by these cool towels. Get them wet and they’ll stay cold for a long time!

Important Documents

I think these are all self-explanatory!


This section includes a few odds things that are also important to bring.

38. Ear Plugs and Eye Mask

There’s a very good chance you’re sharing a room with other people. If you’re a light sleeper like me, these can save you lots of sleepless nights.

These reusable, washable earplugs are a staple for me.

39. Envelopes for Mousekeeping

Fun fact, you can actually opt out of Mousekeeping in a lot of resorts. In exchange, you’ll receive some money on a Diseny gift card.

However, if you opt-in, it’s important to have a place to tip them. Especially if they go out of their way to do something magical.

40. Reusable Straws

Disney no longer carries plastic straws. They have paper straws at several locations, but depending on what you’re drinking this may not always do the trick.

If you’re someone who needs to use a straw, you’re better off bringing your own!

And, it’s good for the planet!

41. Gum

Not sold at Disney World! You’ll have to bring your own.

42. Workout Clothes

Some resorts have gyms on property or running paths.

Personally, I don’t usually have the time to workout while I’m at Disney! But if this is important to you then I recommend bringing some. They’re also great for walking in the parks.

And they all lived happily ever after

That’s it! This is everything you might ACTUALLY need at Disney World.

Figuring out what to bring can seem a little stressful, but if you use this list as a guide you’ll be well off. Remember, if you need helping planning your Disney World vacation I’m just one mouse-click away.

If you’d like to receive a free download of the Ultimate Disney World Packing List, just click HERE.

I hope this was helpful for you, and I’ll see ya real soon!

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